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Admit it, you have used photos like these! I’ll be honest… in weak moments I have succumbed to the temptation of jobs whose limited budgets forced me to test the lower boundaries of stock photography. Let’s all thank Vince Vaughn and his co-stars in the film Unfinished Business for these amazing stock photos that remind us of marketing mistakes we should never, ever make (again).

1) Heaven can wait

Perhaps in the after life humans inhabit an all white environment with no walls, no windows and no ceilings but definitely not in any work environment I have ever seen. Keep it real.

2) Watch the “artsy” inclination – sophomoric marketing mistakes

This is not your high school art class so don’t go for the off-center composition just because it has the only female African American executive with a hand in front of her face that your measly budget can afford. She deserves better. So do you.

3) Don’t fly in the “V” formation

Canada Geese fly in “V” formations, humans do not! If they do, they probably get shot at by angry hunters, and that’s never good press.

4) The Marissa Mayer rule

All your bosses shouldn’t be older white men, but when they are they shouldn’t look like they’re one drink from a restraining order.

5) Just because they call themselves artists doesn’t make it so

Stock photo “artists” are not known for their deft or subtle expressions but your brand needs to be. Choose carefully – customers won’t forget… and might not forgive.

Alright now it’s confession time: what are the worst stock photo marketing mistakes you’ve ever seen?

A reformed “SAG eligible” actor himself, David Spitzer is still miffed that he never got that big break into the glamorous stock photography acting trade.

When we aren’t making fun of ourselves, Upper Diamond does our best to make our clients look good, connect with their employees, and use as little stock photography as possible. If you have at least a wee bit of budget and a sense of humor check us out at

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