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Will technology drive a new marketing opportunity as Ellen’s selfie did last year, when her tweet was re-tweeted by more than 2.3 million folks within 24 hours and is still the most shared tweet ever? Nothing about winning the golden statuette for best buzz at the Oscars is accidental. Ellen called out to the billion plus audience that she wanted to make Twitter history by having this be the most re-tweeted message ever (go Ellen, go Twitter). Samsung, who sponsored the evening, gave her the clearly visible phone to take the photo. Who knew Bradley Cooper was so good at composing a valuable photo, but the value to Samsung is clear, as “Samsung Galaxy Note” was one of the most re-tweeted phrases of the evening. It is difficult to estimate the value of the implied endorsement Samsung earned from the excited participation of the world’s top stars – Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, etc. – but trust me, it is huge.

Some stars get lots of positive buzz from potentially negative moments like Jennifer Lawrence’s trip and near fall, which probably won the supporting statuette for Buzz last year. Reminding people that you were walking up the stairs to the famous podium, even if you didn’t win, may not be bad under any circumstance. Controversy and irony always grab attention and the phrase “Jennifer Lawrence was spotted at a McDonald’s driveway on her way to the Oscars” was one of the most repeated of the night. Probably okay for Jennifer but great for McDonald’s who needs it.

This is one of the biggest nights traditionally for the party circuit of sponsored live events. “Vanity Fair Oscar party” and “Vanity Fair red carpet” were two of the most popular tweets proving live to social media still works to multiply what is happening on the ground in Hollywood. In total last year the Super Bowl won the contest for largest TV audience over the second place Oscars by about 10%, but it more than doubled the number of tweets connected to it. Because the broadcast was mostly watched live the collapsing value of the TV ad unit remained robust for at least one more night and ABC was able to deliver on their promised share. However, as well as the Oscars did with the record breaking Ellen tweet and all of the Jenifer Lawrence buzz, at a total of 11.2 million tweets they finished fourth last year behind the MTV Video Music Awards and the Grammy Awards. Demographics matter when it comes to social media and the Oscars skew older. Let’s see how they do tonight as I think they will be hard pressed to come up with such a brilliant device as Ellen’s tweet – but when it comes to competition events you can’t count anyone out.

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